239 Venezuelans Return from Chile on Conviasa Flight (Vuelta a la Patria Program)

This Saturday, 239 Venezuelans who were stranded in Chile arrived at the Simón Bolívar International Airport, through a humanitarian flight within the Vuelta a la Patria program, which the state-run Conviasa has been carrying out.

The Vice Minister of Air Transport of the Ministry of Transport and president of Conviasa, Ramón Velásquez, explained that more than 19,500 nationals have returned to the country through this program.

“These are 239 nationals from Chile that are added to the more than 19,500 Venezuelans who have returned using the Vuelta a la Patria program. These flights are realized despite sanctions arbitrarily imposed by the US government,” he said.

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Through a statement, it was detailed that the humanitarian flights have been carried out in full contingency due to COVID-19, under strict biosecurity measures, responding to the requests of thousands of Venezuelans stranded abroad.

“In recent weeks we have completed humanitarian flights from Panama, Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, also from Suriname, Uruguay, Peru and Chile,” it concluded.

These flights are also the product of the implementation of plans to strengthen the airline, specifically in the field of aeronautical maintenance, enabling the fleet of airplanes to be kept operational and continuing to carry out missions in the service of the people.


Featured image: Pre-boarding and post-boarding COVID-19 screening and quarantine is mandatory in Venezuela, for those entering by air, land and sea. Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Transport.

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