Airbus A380-841 (Largest Passenger Plane) Lands in Venezuela Opening a New Route Madrid-Caracas-Buenos Aires

The Airbus A380-841, the largest commercial aircraft in the world, landed during the night of this Sunday, July 14, at the Maiquetía International Airport, located in the state of La Guaira and serving the city of Caracas.

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It is the first time that this type of plane lands in Venezuela and as well in Argentina. It arrived from Madrid in a direct flight and is operated by Estelar, a Venezuelan private airline that leased it after their Airbus A380-841 got damaged. The lease was signed with the Malta airline Hi Fly that previously leased it to Madagascar Airlines operating between Antananarivo and Paris.

Venezuelan airport authorities work with the private operator in order to facilitate arrangements for a proper landing of an airplane of these dimensions, besides any comment to the contrary, these initiatives weaken the Trump Administration’s attempts to block Venezuelan airspace.


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