Amb. Moncada: Duque and Bolsonaro Represent the Greatest Threat to Venezuela

The presidents of Colombia, Iván Duque, and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro represent the greatest threats to peace and political and social stability in Venezuela, ambassador Samuel Moncada, Venezuelas’s ambassador to the United Nations, said this Saturday.

In two messages published on his Twitter account, the ambassador makes a historical and updated review of the interfering activities of these presidents against Venezuela, which in his opinion, have the support (logistics, money and fake news) of the president of United States, Donald Trump. “Duque and Bolsonaro are the Trump of Colombia and Brazil,” he wrote.

Likewise, he details through a twitter thread, that among the Trump-Duque-Bolsonaro trio, at least the first is the worst US president in 50 years, also in the context of the pandemic and the massacres (in Colombia) there is a total desolation on the part of their governments in the care of the population. “All have shown that they do not care about the life of their people,” Moncada said.

The ambassador said that the Colombian case is eloquent, because since since January this year, joint military exercises have been carried out by the United States, Colombia and Brazil in Colombia. “The multinational force practiced the assault on “an airfield seized by terrorists.” The UN ambassador pointed out that the target was Venezuela. They are preparing for the aggression!” he said.

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He reiterated the complaint that these actions are to prepare an attack against the entire Venezuelan people. In this context, he continued and wrote, “In August 2020, Duque receives Trump’s national security envoys and they announce maximum pressure against Venezuela.” What later denotes a distraction maneouver from Duque is “accusing Venezuela of buying Iranian missiles to, supposedly, attack Colombia and thereby having the excuse to invade us.”

Duque, Moncada adds, not only lends himself to a systematic aggression against Venezuela, but also to allow the violation of laws, and above all non-interference in his own country by accepting the return of US troops, without the necessary authorization from Congress.

“The desperation to comply with Trump’s plan leads Duque to violate the (Colombian) Constitution,” he lamented.

From New York, the diplomat pointed out, they (the US) order the deployment of Hercules C-130J planes, “to carry out rescue operations at austere aerodromes.” The same attack operation was carried out in January as a threat against Venezuela, he said, while sending a warning, “This is Trump’s plan in development and we cannot ignore it.”

Brazil is not far behind
Bolsonaro agreed with Trump to join the pressure against Venezuela in March 2020, Moncada wrote, to that end he changed his military doctrine. Brazil participated in military exercises in January and will carry out “Operation Amazonia” in September.

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The Venezuelan ambassador to the UN asks, is it a coincidence or Trump’s plan?

A fact that must be remembered, Moncada added on the network, is that on November 2109, Colombia’s ambassador to the US predicted that Trump would get into Venezuela “if the elections went wrong.” [There is a] Presidential event in November of this year 2020, where recent polls do not favor Trump against his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

And now the United States as the lead in the continued aggression
“Desperate Trump resorts to conflict inside and outside the country,” he said, while underlining that if the elections were today he would lose them and he needs a shock to win in November.

For weeks, Samuel Moncada has been denouncing a series of events (promoted from technological platforms), what he has called an “operation of disinformation in development”, activated in Washington, Miami and Bogotá, he said.

“Its agents are quick to saturate the media with fabrications that open the way to aggression against the Venezuelan people,” he said.

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