At UN Russia Condemns US Attempts to use Covid-19 to Increase Military Pressure on Venezuela

Russia’s deputy representative to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyanskiy, condemned the United States’ attempts to use the coronavirus situation to increase political and military pressure on the Venezuelan government. During a virtual conference with members of the UN Security Council, Polyanskiy noted that “the Venezuelan government’s efforts to fight the pandemic are taking place, despite the tightening of US sanctions against this country.”

The Russian representative referred to the current situation of cases in Venezuela and the number of deaths, which places it according to the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the countries with the lowest number of infections, deaths and tests from coronavirus in the Americas.

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Faced with the constant unilateral coercive measures promoted by the United States against countries in the world, Polyanskiy pointed out that at the moment “the extraterritorial implementation of US unilateral sanctions is evident, through threats and blackmail in flagrant violation of international law.”

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He specified that the real help that the United States government and its allies could provide today would be to refrain from meddling and interfering in Venezuela’s internal affairs and letting Venezuelans themselves decide the fate of their country and its political system.

Venezuela is one of the Latin American countries with the fewest cases of coronavirus. As of this Wednesday, there are 329 infected people, 10 deceased, 16,132 tests per million inhabitants, only surpassed (very closely) by the US and Canada. Venezuela is the country in the American continent with the lowest deaths per million inhabitants, currently at 0.4.

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