Bernal: They intend to use Táchira as a Space to Promote Violence

Freddy Bernal, political protector of Táchira, this weekend denounced the plan that aims to put into practice the so-called “Liberation of Venezuela Operation”, which aims to use Tachira territory as a space to destabilize and promote disruptions of public order. “We are not going to allow any public disturbance in the Tachiren entity and attempts to impose guarimbas on several roads will be neutralized,” he added.

He stressed that a paramilitary incursion is being prepared from Colombia to commit criminal actions in order to disrupt the peace of the citizens. “In every aggression the conscience and fight for the peace of the Homeland prevails,” he added.

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Bernal questioned any action that incites hatred and violence. “We will not allow vandalism as a result of hate, against anyone, for any reason, or under any circumstances.”

He confirmed the arrest of citizen Wilfredo Torres, alias “Neco Clip”, who is in the hands of the Venezuelan justice system to answer for acts committed on the Colombian-Venezuelan border. “We are going after the entire criminal structure of the irregular group called “Los Rastrojos”, exclaimed Bernal.

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Source URL: Alba Cuidad

Translated by JRE/EF

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