Captured in Venezuela “Los Rastrojos” Leader in Charge of Finances

The Minister for Communication and Information of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, reported Friday the capture of the criminal in charge of the finances in the Los Rastrojos paramilitary group, Argenis Vaca aka “Vaquita”, after several weeks of intelligence work. He said that “Vaquita” was captured in his area of influence with drugs and high-caliber weapons. The detainee is wanted both in Colombia and Venezuela for crimes of homicide, drug trafficking and association to commit crimes; kidnapping and extortion of merchants and farmers.
“Responsible for the logistics of Los Rastrojos, he has been accused of homicides, extortion, kidnappings and, of course, drug trafficking. He was captured in his area of influence, had in his possession war supplies, high-caliber weapons and drugs,” Rodriguez announced in his Twitter ac .
In this regard, he pointed out that Argenis Vaca was in charge of moving the deputy Juan Guaidó from the state of Táchira to the Port of Santander, where he was escorted by security elements of the Colombian president, Iván Duque, for the events of the past 23 February for the entry of the supposed “humanitarian aid” to Venezuela.


Recently, the National government revealed evidence linking the narco-paramilitary group with Guaidó. The parliamentarian appears in some graphs with several paramilitaries among which “Vaquita” stands out.

Rodriguez added that these photographs were taken “as a promise” that Los Rastrojos would have impunity at the binational border.

“He led Juan Guaidó from La Fría, in Táchira, to the port of Santander, where he would be handed over to Iván Duque escorts. In “El Paraíso”, Guaidó takes pictures with the heads of the Rastrojos (and) were kept with the promise that they would be allowed total impunity at our border,” Jorge Rodríguez specified in another message.

The paramilitary band “Los Rastrojos” acts criminally in the Department of Norte de Santander, Colombia, from which a drug corridor operates that intends to use Venezuela as a channel for sending the drug to Mexican cartels and then to the United States (USA).



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Translated by JRE/EF

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