Chavista Chronicles from Caracas (Episode 15): If you Missed our Anniversary Party Don’t Worry! (Videos)

Yesterday, Sunday November 24th, Orinoco Tribune celebrated with a livestream on its Facebook Page one year of successful existence. The livestream party exceeded the expectations of the organizers and allowed the editorial team to interact with its readers, present to them relevant information about Orinoco Tribune’s performance and plans for 2020.

Orinoco Tribune’s founder editor, Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza, discussed plans for more interviews in 2020 and reaching out to activists, intellectuals, politicians worldwide. Opening a new section on US ELECTIONS 2020 will be an addition to be implemented in the next days to open a debate about the anachronistic US electoral system and the ideas to make it more democratic.

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Due to the success of this livestream, Oricono Tribune’s editorial team is evaluating organizing this kind of event at least once a quarter. They also talked about the work they are still doing to handle technical issues on the website that might be affecting for the next few days access to the portal.


Orinoco Tribune is here to stay and our team plans to become the most important source of news and opinion about Venezuela and the region in English with a socialist perspective.

Thank you all for your support and patronage, we wouldn’t be here without you.

Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza


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