CNE Signs Observation Agreement with Electoral Experts from Latin America (CEELA)

This Wednesday, September 8, Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) and the Latin American Council of Electoral Experts (CEELA) signed an agreement to formalize the deployment of a delegation of electoral observers to the regional and municipal “mega”-elections to be held on November 21.

“It is a reason for joy and contentment, to feel that we are accompanied by you (CEELA), that your wisdom and experience guide us in this complex, difficult, and important task of carrying out an electoral process, which in Venezuela is of enormous significance,” said Pedro Calzadilla, president of the electoral body.

In addition, Calzadilla expressed his opinion that the upcoming election is of particular significance, as “part of a great effort by Venezuelan society, by authorities, social and political organizations, to reach a set of agreements and understandings to advance in the political stabilization and peace of the country.”

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“We could say that they are regional and municipal, and that they are less important, but because of their significance, relevance, and context they have a national weight,” said Calzadilla. “The future of our homeland and of Latin America depends on what happens on November 21, in Venezuela.”

For his part, Nicanor Moscoso, president of CEELA, said that they have been observing the audits of the electronic voting system electronically and in person, and will participate in all stages of the process.

He stressed that CEELA, an independent organization that has participated in electoral processes in various countries of the region regardless of political conditions, “has never received or will receive external instructions.” This organization has a tradition of observing electoral events in Venezuela.



Featured image: Pedro Calzadilla, the president of the CNE, and Nicanor Moscoso, the president of CEELA. Photo courtesy of CNE.

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