Diosdado Cabello on Bolivia: The Antidote Against Fascism is Mobilization (+Evo Will Return as Chavez Did)

“Today they have given a coup d’etat to our brother Evo Morales, perpetrated by the fascist oligarchy in conjunction with the OAS and US imperialism. The coup returns us to distant times, ”said Cabello.

The president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, denounced this Sunday that the coup d’etat perpetrated against Evo Morales in Bolivia corresponds to the policies of US imperialism during the closing ceremony of the Afro-descendants International Congress.

“Today they have given a coup d’etat against our brother Evo Morales, perpetrated by the fascist oligarchy in conjunction with the OAS and US imperialism. The coup returns us to distant times,” said Cabello.

He also pointed to the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United States (USA) as the actors behind the coup d’etat against Morales, who resigned from the post after the armed forces and the police joined the request for resignation that the civil society demanded in the streets the Bolivian president.

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“That is the OAS that we have, it is the same one that has tried to take a coup d’etat here in Venezuela, but that is the one unconcerned with what happens in Chile, with what happens in Haiti,” he said.

Referring to the excellent social and economic results that Morales obtained as Bolivian head of state, Cabello added that the issue is not economic but ideological, “Evo became a hard nut to crack for imperialism.”

Cabello indicated that the main antidote against fascism is popular mobilization and announced a campaign in solidarity with Evo and against imperialism, “we are going to the streets to reject the violence of imperialism,” he added.

“We are not surprised by the actions of the right, here in Venezuela they tried the same thing, we already know them,” said the president of the ANC of Venezuela.

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He also announced a series of mobilizations in the country and for November the 16th a great march of the people will take place in Caracas, “with our Afro-descendant brothers we will take the streets of the country,” he added.

On November the 16th is the mobilization that anti-Chavismo has been calling for weeks their number “N” and have been trying to convince their anti-Chavista base to join them, not without tons of social media insults for their lack of coherence and for negotiating with the government.

President Nicolas Maduro made a phone contact during the ceremony and ratified his condemnation of the coup d’etat underway in Bolivia and his total support for Evo Morales. And he called for an international response to this constitutional break in Bolivia against the values of democracy.

The Venezuelan MFA issued a communique in this same line:

Both leaders coincided in saying that Evo Morales will eventually return as Hugo Chavez did in 2002 with the US led coup d’etat against him.


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