“First Lady” Fabiana Rosales: “Human Pettiness, Self-Interests are Worse than Coronavirus” in Reference to Maria Corina Machado Rejecting Guaido’s Plan

This Saturday after the release of a statements by Maria Corina Machado about her rejection of Juan Guaido’s new plan to give some oxygen to his fake and vanishing “government,” — just after her meeting with him — his wife did not take long to make some noise on Twitter.

Machado and Guaido had announced a “secret meeting” that everyone found out about minutes after it was over. “When asked if we achieved an agreement, the answer is no,” added the extreme right-winger Machado.

This is how María Corina reported through a video on twitter, while spreading an extensive and devastating letter declining to support the new Guaido oxygenation plan consisting of a “consultation” about extending his surreal fake presidency.

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“I also inferred that Guaidó has 120 days left “to do what was not done in 17 months,” said Maria Corina Machado.

“It is not true that Venezuelans have only to choose between the indefinite permanence of Nicolás Maduro, through electoral farces, or the indefinite permanence of the interim government, through plebiscite consultations, ” she added.

Fabiana Rosales, wife of the opposition deputy, expressed in reference to Machado: “Human pettiness, self-interest and selfishness are the greatest evils of our humanity, they are even worse than the coronavirus.”

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Adding: “Humility, the ability to listen and unite will heal the country.”

Reactions on social networks

Many twitter users charged against Rosales, like @UrriolaCandanga
tweeting that this material should be used by Telemundo to launch its new “telenovela”, or @rsimosa71 who defended Machado’s stand and tweeted that Maria Corina just punched him in the face.

Featured image: Fabiana Rosales and US first lady Melania Trump in Mara-Lago resort (Florida) during a visit early this year. Photo courtesy of ABC.es.

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