Guaidó Claims to Have Won Elections for 20 Years in Venezuela

In an interview with the German state news outlet, Deutsche Welle on Sunday, March 31, the deputy Juan Guaido – who proclaimed himself “interim president” of Venezuela at the beginning of the year – claimed over the phone that “we have 20 of building a majority, 20 years of winning elections, mustering the majority on the streets of Venezuela”, in reference to the political option that he actually represents.

“We have 20 years of building a majority, 20 years of winning elections […] Today in Venezuela, we demand light, a setback of a 100 years when we had the best hydroelectric infrastructure in the world.  What is happening is very serious.” @jguaido on #DWNoticias

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Reality itself dramatically contradicts the deputy.  Let’s see what the facts show:

Since 1998, there have been 25 elections in Venezuela, the results show that the antichavista option has been victorious in only 2 of them: a referendum to approve a constitutional reform in 2007 and the National Assembly elections of 2015, with the addition of a few gubernatorial and municipal ones, minor in proportion to the ones won by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

For its part, and as is publicly known, Chavismo has won 23 of those 25 electoral processes, a fact purposely ignored by the 35 year old engineer.

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Another not insignificant fact: the political party for which GuaIdó is militant was formed merely 8 years ago and represents less than 10% of the total 167 seats in the National Assembly, an institution that today finds itself in contempt (of court).

In the same interview, Guaidó assures us he will work to “reinstitutionalize the country in order to allow a free election”, obfuscating that the National Electoral Council that endorsed the legislative elections and their results permitted him to arrive as deputy from Vargas state, which he won with little more than 90 thousand votes (coming in second in his race) is the same institution (and has the same mandate) that organized and endorsed the presidential election of this past May 20 2018. The same one he questions and maintains is fraudulent, a lie on which he bases his self proclamation.

Source URL: Mision Verdad

Translated by EF/JRE




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