Guaidó’s Gag: He Names New Board of Directors at Telesur – They Treat Him as Crazy

Juan Guaidó added another farcical episode to the drama of his mock interim government by announcing that he has overhauled the executive board of Telesur.

This “decision” was funny enough to elicit a response from Venezuelan Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for Latin America, Rander Peña, who wrote simply: “today’s joke.” Peña was followed by Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza, who facetiously call the former deputy’s imaginary television station “TeleNarniaNorte.”

Guaidó, US puppet for destabilizing Venezuela, announced that those in charge of running the Telesur parallel project will be Roberto Marrero and former presenter and director of RCTV, Eduardo Sapene.

What about Leopoldo Castillo?
In the wake of these “appointments,” the response of the newly designated president of the “channel in exile,” Leopoldo Castillo, drew particular attention.

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The so-called “citizen” [Castillo] did not even reply to the message of the “interim president,” and did not even thank him for this fantastic opportunity to lead the television station. Castillo barely gave a retweet to Guaidó’s chirp in which he remarked that Telesur (the real one) was the “executing arm of the regime’s lies.”

Meanwhile, Eduardo Sapene did not break his vow of silence on Twitter, where he has not posted since January 10. Even the honor of being “appointed” to lead an imaginary channel did not excite him enough to tweet a thank you note.

The reactions
Journalist Carlos Montero, who has worked with Telesur on special coverage, commented on the information by posting the video of a hydroplane landing with a spectacular maneuver that went wrong, a metaphor for how the new “Telesur bosses” in exile will handle the wheel at their fantasy channel with a budget and no programming.

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Guaidó, who operates on a different dimension from everyone else, thanked the executive for “the work they have done in democratizing Telesur, as a space to honor freedom of expression in the region.” With what was said, Guaidó left hanging the question of which channel he was tuning in to.

From the real headquarters of the Telesur channel in Caracas, there was no official response to the orders addressed to his supposed counterpart. Telesur President Patria Villegas only posted a couple of photos of natural and brightly colored flowers, unequivocally more real than the fables of the former deputy who plays at being a parallel president.

The joke is not funny
Meanwhile Telesur journalist Madelein García commented on the eccentricity of the politician. She recalled that Leopoldo Castillo received six million dollars to mount a pirate replica of the television channel abroad.

To this reminder, she added that what may appear to be the comedy of a politician playing crazy is actually a deliberate criminal operation. This consists of creating “non-existent costs to continue stealing the assets of all Venezuelans illegally blocked in the United States.”

For his part, the Minister of Communication Freddy Ñáñez regarded the news as a fresh comic installment by Guaidó. Perhaps it would make him laugh, he added, if behind this new routine Guaidó was not “looting the wealth of the country.”



Featured image: Former deputy Guaidó, at a loss to increase his visibility. File photo.

(RedRadioVE) by Carlos Arellan

Translation: Orinoco Tribune



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