Guillermo Torres, aka “Julián Conrado”, Becomes the First FARC Ex-combatant Elected as Mayor

The former combatant of the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Guillermo Torres Cueter, was elected as mayor of Turbaco in the department of Bolívar by the Colombia Humana-Patriotic Union (UP) coalition. He was previously known as “Julián Conrado”.

Torres Cueter was elected with 50.07 percent, equivalent to 21,466 votes, followed by the candidate Leonardo Enrique Cabarcas for the Radical Change party with 32.16 percent, 13,682 votes; The 1,562 citizens who chose to vote blank were also highlighted.

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“Guillermo Torres, artist of peace and poet of life is the first former guerrilla of the former FARC-EP to win a mayor’s office. The people of Turbaco celebrate this achievement of the peace process. Best wishes, we love peace and love, we will win!” Said the Revolutionary Alternative Force of the Commons Party (FARC).

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The departmental and municipal elections represent the first triumph of a leader of the FARC party, who remain stoic in the defense and integral implementation of the Peace Accords signed in 2016.

For the votes, the party registered more than 308 candidates, had 13 candidates for mayor’s offices, 249 in the departments, another 16 in alliances, 18 in assemblies and 35 at Local Administrative Boards (JAL).

The fighter was in arms for more than three decades, he was known as “Julián Conrado.” Now he will be the next mayor of Turbaco, one of the most important municipalities in the department of Bolívar.

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Translated by JRE/EF

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