Highlights of President Maduro’s Annual Message

This Tuesday and for the seventh time since he assumed the Presidency of the Republic, the Venezuelan Head of State, Nicolás Maduro, presented the Annual Message to the Nation corresponding to the year 2019. Again, in deep attachment to the Bolivarian Constitution, he attended the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), because the Venezuelan Parliament still remains in contempt, according to the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ).

During his speech he highlighted the resilience and resistance to the imperial attacks that the entire Venezuelan people have endured. From Venezuelan Public TV (VTV) we have listed the most outstanding aspects expressed by the national dignitary during his address in the Protocol Chamber of the Federal Legislative Palace (ANC).

Political Field:

  • Recognition of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) and its plenipotentiary powers.
  • Victory of Venezuela over failed Washington attempt in last assault on the Bolivarian Revolution.
  • Call to the National Dialogue Table to mediate the conflict in the AN in the face of the opposition’s division.
  • Call to the National Dialogue Table and international organizations to serve as companions in parliamentary elections.
  • Preparation of the broadest guarantees for holding parliamentary elections this year.
  • Demonstration of resistance and resilience of the Venezuelan people before imperial attacks.
  • Presentation of the seven strategic lines 2020 for the advancement and consolidation of the PSUV’s Network of Socio-political Interaction and Action (RAAS).

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Social Field:

  • Social Investment for 2020 rose to 76%.
  • Constant increase in direct and indirect income of Venezuelan families.
  • Services to more than one million 300 thousand people through the Plan of Attention to the Victims of the Economic War and the criminal blockade in 2019.
  • Formal work was 60%.
  • Unemployment was reduced to 6%.
  • 3 million 600 thousand homes delivered to Venezuelan families.
  • Public, free and quality education system serves more than a third of the Venezuelan population.
  • Free provision of uniforms, shoes, school bags, among others.
  • Approval of the 100% School Protection Plan.
  • Reduction to 6% in absence rate among students.
  • Rehabilitation of 2,500 public spaces in 167 cities in 2019, through the Venezuela Bella Mission.
  • Mission Barrio Adentro conducted more than 23 million consultations and 590 thousand surgical interventions in 2019.
  • Services of 373 thousand deliveries and caesarean sections through the Humanized Childbirth Plan.
  • Petroaguinaldo (end of the year bonus in petros) was received by 8 million pensioners and public servants.
  • Public services such as electricity, telephony, water, gas, transportation, gasoline, food, health, education and housing enjoy a level of subsidy that is close to 100%.

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Economic Field:

  • More than 120 million CLAP boxes have benefited more than 6 million 200 thousand families in Venezuela.
  • More than 60% of the products in the CLAP boxes are of national production.
  • The goal for this 2020 is to reach 100% of national products in the CLAP boxes.
  • 90% of the pernil (pig’s leg) received by the Venezuelan people this December was of national production.
  • Patria system will be adapted to constitute the largest crypto exchange in Venezuela to trade the Petro and other cryptocurrencies.
  • 4.5 million barrels of oil will be sold in Petro.
  • Signed decree for the sale in Petro of gasoline destined for international air routes (jet fuel).
  • The supply of 50 thousand barrels of oil a day begins.
  • Presentation of a set of constitutional laws to the ANC to advance the Tax Revolution: Reform to the Tax Code, Reform to the Customs Law, New Law to order the National Credit Portfolio and the National Single Productive Portfolio Law.
  • Special Fund for health care in Venezuela was created.
  • Institutions that provide services whose fees and commissions are charged in foreign currency will begin to be charged in Petros.
  • CVG will sell 1 million tons of briquetted iron in Petros.
  • Institutions such as Saime, Saren, Inea, Inaac, Baer, Bolipuerto among others must charge all their services in Petros.
  • About 40 billion dollars in assets, goods and cash of Venezuela abroad were stolen by imperial powers.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/EF



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