Kurds: ‘Stab in the Back’ US Withdrawal from Syria

The Kurds describe as a ‘stab in the back’ the withdrawal of US forces from Syria and consider allying with other actors in Syria.

“At this point, we are willing to examine all options and collaborations,” said Mustafa Bali, the spokesman for the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS), quoted on Monday by the US National Public Radio. (NPR)

The source consulted also revealed that Syrian Kurdish officials are even considering “protection agreements on the ground with Iranian forces” and Syrian forces.

Damascus must protect the sovereignty of Syrian borders, since in principle, Kurdish militias would not be against the presence of the Syrian government in areas under the control of Kurdish fighters, Bali said.

The majority of the Kurds, who reside near US bases in northern Syria, expressed to the aforementioned radio station their resentment at what they described as a “betrayal” of the US withdrawal of the Syrian territory.

“If they leave, we will curse them as traitors,” said Hatem Hassan, a shop owner in the city of Al-Qamishli.

US President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that the US mission in Syria was fulfilled, and that the military of Washington will begin an immediate withdrawal from the Arab country. It has deployed more than 2000 military forces in Syria, especially in the parts occupied by the Syrian Democratic Forces, to, in Washington’s view, “fight the terrorists of ISIL (Daesh, in Arabic).”

Although US authorities highlight the “effectiveness” of the military operations of the so-called anti-ISIL coalition in Syria, many reports indicate that such attacks have left thousands of civilians dead, as well as destroyed Syria’s economic infrastructure and blocked the anti-terrorist advances of the Syrian forces in some strategic parts of the country.

The end of the presence of the US troops, who, according to various reports, offered different types of support to terrorist groups fighting against the government of Bashar al-Asad, highlights the “failure” of Washington and constitutes “a victory” for Syria and for countries that support the fight against terrorism, such as Iran and Russia.

Since the beginning of the attacks of the so-called coalition, in 2014, Damascus criticized the presence of foreign forces operating without their authorization in their territory as “illegal”, reiterating that the Americans and the militias that receive support from Washington, not only They have complicated the situation of the country, but have hampered any solution to the Syrian crisis by strengthening the dynamics of war through third parties.

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Translated by JRE /AR

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