Lima Group Follows U.S. Instructions against Venezuela

“Again they are following the perverse instructions of the United States,” said President Miguel Diaz-Canel through a message posted in his Twitter profile, criticizing the statement released last Monday by the Lima Group, in which they accused Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his Cabinet of being a threat to international peace and security.

The Cuban President has denounced the agenda of interfering coming from the Lima Group, which also accused Cuba of being a negative influence for Venezuela.

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As a matter of fact, the bloc criticized Russia, China, Cuba and Turkey for supporting the Bolivarian government and voted on approving coercing measures against the countries and institutions which support the Maduro Administration.

Nevertheless, Cuba’s President affirmed that the Caribbean island will respond with dignity to the Monroe Doctrine that the United States is trying to impose once again in Latin America.

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Cuba has repeatedly denounced the United States for carrying out “non-conventional” aggressions against Venezuela and condemned the warmongering attitude of the North American country, which has threatened Caracas on different opportunities through “all options,” including a military attack.

Havana has been subject to pressures on behalf of the U.S. given its support to the Maduro Administration in the face of pro-coup plans undertaken by Venezuela’s opposition and the Trump Administration.

Furthermore, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez expressed his solidarity with the Venezuelan Government and affirmed that they will stand up against “any attempt to blackmail them” for their support to Caracas.


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