Maduro Announces Economic Measures to Counter Covid-19 Coronavirus

This Sunday Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced the forthcoming entry into force of several decrees with a set of economic measures with which Venezuelans will be protected during the contingency that the country is going through due to the Covid-19 coronavirus. The measures include ratifying labor immobility (no layoffs without just reason), suppression of the payment of rent for businesses and main housing, a prioritized plan for agri-food investment to guarantee the Clap, special bonuses for informal and private workers, among other measures.

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“Workers and businessmen, you know that we have the tools, the power and the absolute decision to protect all the jobs in the country, businesses and companies,” said the president.

The announced measures include:

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  • Ratification of labor immobility in defense of workers until December 31.
  • Special payroll payment plan for small and medium industry through the Homeland System for 6 months. This means that the government will take charge of the payroll for small and medium enterprises that op-in into the program.
  • Immediate suppression of the payment of rent for shops and primary housing for 6 months.
  • Prohibition of cuts of sevices by telecom service providers.
  • The prioritized agri-food investment plan is ratified to guarantee 7 million CLAP boxes every month to the same number of families.
  • Special bonuses for all workers in the informal economy and private business through the Patria System.
  • Six-month suspension of principal and interest payments on all credits. Suspension of late payment fees in this extension
  • Restructuring of the terms of access to credit, in favor of small and medium producers. There will be a generation of special guarantees for small and medium industry.

“In the case of workers and employers, you know that we have the power and the conscience to protect all jobs and companies in the country, and to advance in the protection of the country’s job stability,” he said.

Featured image: Presidential Press

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/EF

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