Photos: Venezuelan Army Seizes Military Arsenal Headed for Bolívar State (Bordering Brazil and Guyana)

This Saturday, March 13, officials of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) belonging to Detachment 34 in Guárico state found and seized a military arsenal inside a truck passing through the Citizen Service Checkpoint (PAC) in El Sombrero.

During a routine review, the military detected an irregularity in a compartment of the heavy-load truck. Seconds later they discovered a cache of 28 AK-103 rifles with erased serial numbers and the shield of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces.

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Tensions on the border with Guyana have escalated recently due to a territorial dispute over the Essequibo Territory. In addition, Venezuelan criminal gangs have been accused of being an extension of US intelligence agencies like the DEA and the CIA. However, terrorist plots launched from Colombia and financed by the United States have been uncovered in recent months, so all scenarios might be under evaluation by Venezuelan security forces.

Additionally, Venezuelan authorities seized seven AK-47 rifles, eight Browning PGP pistols, a Prieta Beretta pistol, a .38 caliber revolver, 97 AK-103 magazines, 34 FAL magazines, 12,000 7.62×38 (AK-103) caliber rounds, and 6,844 7.62×5 caliber rounds, as well as a Low Boy and a backhoe, reported Notitarde journalist Luis Borjas on his Twitter account.

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Apparently, the truck came from Maracay and was heading to El Callao, in Bolívar state, which borders Guyana and Brazil. The number of detainees and their identities were not reported. This new case, which could hamper national peace efforts, is being investigated by the ZODI-35 Guárico Command, the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM) and the Military Prosecutor’s Office.

“REDI LLANOS, in a permanent surveillance operation of the GNB’s PAC in El Sombrero, Guárico state, seized a significant number of weapons and ammunition being transported in a truck,” reported REDI Los Llanos on its Twitter account.


Featured image: Military arsenal seized in Venezuela heading to the south of the country (near the border with Brazil and Guyana). US aggression or criminal gangs might be behind the illegal shipment. Photo courtesy of REDI Los Llanos (Venezuelan army).

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