Red Cross: Aid From the US is Not Humanitarian

The head of the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Colombia, Christoph Harnisch, said that this institution will not participate in the distribution of assistance that will come from the United States, considering that it is aid from a Government and is not humanitarian. “We do not participate in what is not for us humanitarian aid,” said the head of the ICRC in Colombia.

“We are talking about aid that a government decides – ” said Harnisch, adding that for the ICRC the term “humanitarian” must be protected by the fundamental principles of that organization such as independence, impartiality and neutrality.

“For us it is important that there really is a respect for the humanitarian term and a respect for the principles that is fundamental”, reiterated Christoph Harnisch.

It is worth noting that the (Colombian) Unit for Risk Management revealed that the aid may arrive next Friday, and then the process of evacuating food and medicines will be initiated.

Likewise, a Unified Command Post was set up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration Colombia, Ministry of Health, Government, Mayor’s Office and Relief Organizations, entities in charge of receiving, storing and protecting aid from the United States.

Likewise, Risk Management said that Colombia will continue to deliver food, health services and education to the migrant population established in different Colombian regions.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/EF

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