Social Movements of Venezuela in Solidarity With the Embassy Protection Collective in Washington

A significant number of social movements and groups in Venezuela issued a statement on Wednesday in support of the protection collective at the Embassy of Venezuela in Washington, consisting of a group of people who defend the building before Carlos Vecchio’s intentions of taking the space, person who claims to be ambassador of Venezuela in the United States but who was appointed by the opposition deputy Juan Guaidó.

In a letter, the social movements recall that the constitutional government led by President Nicolás Maduro “has authorized only the activists of the Embassy Protection Collective in Washington to enter our headquarters”.

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In addition, they point out that “we reject the claims of the government of the United States and of any government of another country, of breaking into our diplomatic missions, in violation of Article 22 of the Vienna Convention that clearly states that they can not be penetrated by agents of the host State without the consent of the head of Mission”.


They also sympathize with “the North American movements and collectives that defend their right to peace, before a government that intends to lead us in a global and fratricidal war risking life on the planet.”


Below the full text:

Pronouncement of the Social Movements of Venezuela in Solidarity with the Collective of Protection of our Embassy in Washington

Given the actions of the United States Government whose president Donald Trump is at the head of the continued coup against the Bolivarian revolution, the social movements grouped in the platform of movements against the blockade denounce:

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  • The United States repeatedly violates international law by promoting and financing a coup against the constitutional government of President Nicolás Maduro, applying criminal sanctions against the Venezuelan people and allowing fascist opposition groups to follow a “self-proclaimed” puppet to attack our embassies and diplomatic staff
  • These actions exemplify the blockade and siege that the warmongering policy of the Trump government promotes in the world, within the framework of its desire to reinstate the Monroe Doctrine for the region. The sabotage to services, attacks on the facilities, prevent the entry of food, paradoxically by those who lead the discourse of false humanitarian aid, are an evidence of actions that violate the United Nations Charter that must have international sanctions.
  • These fascist actions have among their antecedents the attack on the Cuban embassy in Venezuela during the hours of the 2002 coup against our president Chávez. Brother country that is also subject to a criminal blockade by the US government.
  • The Venezuelan social movements reject the pretensions of the government of the United States and any government of another country, to break into our diplomatic missions, in violation of Article 22 of the Vienna Convention that clearly states that they can not be penetrated by agents of the receiving State without the consent of the head of Mission.


  • In the case of our embassy in the United States, the constitutional government presided over by our President Nicolás Maduro (and the only recognized by the United Nations) has authorized only the activists of the Embassy Protection Collective in Washington to enter our headquarters.

  • We reject the criminalization of the social movements that in the world are assuming the defense of our embassies, in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and Peace. Our embassies as symbols of peace are under the jurisdiction of a government and a free and sovereign people, that in civic-military unity faces a savage empire that pretends to take over our resources for the expansion of neoliberalism, fascism and war.

  • We highlight the courage and courage of David Paul, Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers and Adrienne Pine, who have shown in a brave way that solidarity is horizontal and constitute the growing support of the international community in the current situation of the country. We strongly reject the aggressions suffered by these heroes and heroines by the Federal Police of Washington DC and Venezuelan lackeys, preventing the entry of food, water and medicines.

  • We ratify our active solidarity with the North American movements and collectives that defend their right to peace, before a government that intends to take us on a global and fratricidal war, risking life on the planet.

  • We call for international solidarity and rejection of the blockade against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

  • We accompany our President Nicolás Maduro in his repeated calls for a national dialogue and we salute the international initiatives that support the principle of self-determination of peoples.


We are a people of peace that defends its sovereignty and its right to build an alternative and solidary model to capitalism. We are the sons and daughters of Bolívar and Chávez.



# Love4EPC

We subscribed the Organizations and Popular Movements of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela today, May 15, 2019:

  1. Sures.
  2. Embassy of Human Rights
  3. Gender with Class
  4. Blind Network
  5. Breaking the Rule
  6. Association of Victims of the Caracazo and Terrorism of the Fourth Republic State ASOVIC 27F
  7. Intersaber
  8. National Platform of Revolutionary Lesbian Women
  9. National Council on Sex Diversity
  10. Free People Foundation
  11. World Without Borders Foundation
  12. SANNADE Civil Association.
  13. Kings of Heart Foundation
  14. Foundation of victims of peasant hired assassination
  15. Colectivo Guillermo Ribas
  16. Venezuelan Association of Jurists
  17. Clara Zetkin Women’s Movement
  18. Organization Active and Social Participation.
  19. Vice Presidency of Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Democratic Women’s Federation (FDIM).
  20. Front Francisco de Miranda
  21. Chapter Venezuela of Alba Movimientos
  22. Alba TV
  23. The Other School
  24. Collective Network The Feminist Spider
  25. Skirts R,
  26. October movement
  27. Front Cultural de Izquierda
  28. Movement Another Beta
  29. Movement of Settlers and Settlers
  30. Revolutionary Current Bolivar and Zamora
  31. Collective Maisanta.
  32. United Left
  33. Join and Build
  34. Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela
  35. Artistic Group The Pact
  36. COSI International Solidarity Committee
  37. Communist Youth of Venezuela
  38. Resistance for Liberation
  39. Movement of Motorized
  40. National Movement of Religions
  41. Disability Movement
  42. Foro Itinerante
  43. Bicentennial Front of Women 200
  44. Oil Women’s Movement
  45. Communication Technical Tables
  46. Ecuadorian Movement of Bolivarian Alfarista
  47. Youth of the Venezuelan Popular Unity (UPV)




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