Supreme Court Ratified Sentence of Officers Implicated in Operation Jericho

The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) ratified on Wednesday the prison sentence against a group of soldiers involved in the insurrectionary movement called Operation Jericho, prepared in 2014 with the aim of overthrowing the government of president Nicolás Maduro. Decision No. 290, admitted by the Chamber of Criminal Cassation of the Supreme Court, approved the withdrawal of the appeal filed by the defense of retired captain Juan Carlos Nieto against the ruling of the Criminal Court of the Criminal Judicial Military Circuit, instance that declared without appeal the action exercised against the judgment of the Accidental War Council of Caracas, in which he was sentenced as “accomplice of the commission of the crime of instigation to rebellion.”

Similarly, he dismissed the appeals lodged by the defenders of G / D Oswaldo Hernández; Colonel José Gregorio Delgado; Major (r) César Orta; captain (r) Nery Córdova; Captain Laided Salazar; Lieutenant Colonel Ruperto Sánchez and Captain Andrés Thomson Martínez.

The ruling of the Accidental War Council of Caracas was confirmed by being involved, as authors and immediate cooperators, in the crimes of instigation of rebellion and against military decorum.

On February 12, 2015, President Nicolás Maduro announced the dismantling of an attempted coup in which a Tucano aircraft would be used to attack several public institutions, including Telesur and the Miraflores Palace. The next day, Diosdado Cabello and Jorge Rodríguez presented more evidence about the coup event. The event has been called “Operation Jericho” or “Blue Strike” by the press.

The President announced that the arrests of officers, mainly of aviation, had begun in 2014, which was announced in April, of that year, by the journalist José Vicente Rangel.

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