LIVE UPDATE PART 2 – NOV 11 9:55PM Coup D’etat in Bolivia – Evo Fights Back

Monday Nov 11 02:15pm (Caracas time)

Yuri Calderon, the head of the Bolivian National Police has resigned.

In Washington DC, a protest against the OAS role in enabling a military coup against Bolivia.

Latin America scholar Greg Grandin weighs in on the attack on Morales, Bolivia and democracy in Latin America.

Marco Teruggi is covering popular mobilization against this coup in El Alto.

Monday Nov 11 3:25pm (Caracas time)

Bolivian police chant “Respect the police” as they cut the Wiphala (indigenous flag approved by law) out of their insignia.

The mobilization in El Alto is taking casualties as can be seen in this video clip.

Evo Morales is posting today, a relief, about the counter offensive of the people.

Monday Nov 11, 4:55pm (Caracas time)

Venezuelan news outlet “La Tabla” presented evidence of General Vladimir Yuri Calderon, Head of National Police in Bolivia being Police Attache in Washington until 2018, coincidence or another evidence of Washington’s roll in the coup.

While right wingers try to find a way to make digestable the coup accusing Evo and his allies of “breaking’ the chain of succession when in reality those resignations are a response to the fascist aggression against Evo Morales’ political allies, against them and their families and properties, and while MSM keeps trying to present the coup just like “another president resigning”, the humble Bolivians have started their resistance and the process of bringing Evo Morales back.

El Alto is “massively” on the streets now and history has taught us that when that happens they won’t stop until they reach their objective.

The police that 48 hours ago said they wont use their weapons against the people have started the repression but that is not stopping the people’s uprising demanding the return of Evo Morales.

The government of Spain condemned the participation of the army and the police in the political crisis in Bolivia, “suggesting” he should resign.

Monday Nov 11, 9:55pm (Caracas time)

Today in different capitals of the world there have been solidarity mobilizations against the Coup and in support of Evo Morales. Simultaneously several leaders like Jose Miguel Insulza and Rafael Correa have call the situation in Bolivia without euphemisms: a Coup D’etat.



Solidarity in LA

Solidarity in Buenos Aires


Meanwhile the Bolivian people remained in the streets of La Paz with a clear rage spirit and NOW the police and even the military are deployed in the streets to PROTECT (capitalization is ours).



One of the biggest Union announce an State of Emergency to fight the coup d’etat.


A few minutes ago Evo Morales posted several tweets on his twitter account. In one of them he shows how he slept the previous night after they forced him to resign and in the other he informs that he is on his way to Mexico and saying that he soon will be back with more strength and energy.




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