About us

Orinoco Tribune is an independent news outlet created in 2018 specifically for the purpose of providing relevant information with an anti-imperialist perspective about Venezuela and the world in the form of English-language news articles and opinion pieces.

We currently create our own content in the form of written and multimedia material. We supplement our original content by curating and translating relevant news and analyses from Spanish to English and by sourcing relevant English-language pieces on Venezuela and the world. We strive to accurately portray Venezuela’s daily reality while discarding the media bias which pervades the mainstream media’s coverage of our country and the region.

Orinoco Tribune will defend the causes of the less privileged, the Chavistas, the working class, the peasant movements, the anti-imperialists, as well as those who have been denied access to the media. Likewise, we will reject all content which replicates smear campaigns, imperialist narratives, or indulges in destructive and/or divisive criticism. If this is what you are looking for, you need look no further than the mainstream media’s approach to Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran, Syria, Russia, North Korea, and many other countries which have not bowed to the US’ global dictatorship.

Likewise, we are trying to compile valuable information and debates concerning Chavismo which otherwise would not reach the outside world due to the lack of translation and the blockade being enforced against Venezuela and other countries. At the moment, we are creating much of our own content and, as we expand in the years to come, our Chavista perspective will continue to define our work.

Alexa’s Internet ranking service was discontinued in May 2022 but the data is still available for those who have its official plugin installed in their browsers. Today, Orinoco Tribune is ranked 45K globally, while our best recorded performance was at the end of 2021 when we reached 36K.

What follows are the current global ranks of some other websites which might be useful for comparison purposes: The Intercept (19K), The Saker (23K), Jacobin (73K), The GrayZone (79K), Consortium News (82K), MintPress News (107K), The Cradle (126K), Popular Resistance (136K), Counter Currents (204K), Peoples Dispatch (261K), Multipolarista (295K), Monthly Review (326K), KawsachunNews (444K), Venezuelanalysis.com (647K).

Alexa’s country rank information is limited, for the United States, Orinoco Tribune’s rank was at around 175K the last time we were able to see it, which means that our performance is better in countries other than the US. However, our highest number of readers are located in the US.

All these numbers mean that our content has a very high visibility level despite all of the algorithms on search engines and social media platforms which make our content harder to access.


Updated on July 27, 2022