About us

The Orinoco Tribune is an independent news outlet created in 2018 and specially designed to provide relevant progressive information about Venezuela or related to Venezuela in the form of news articles and opinion pieces for English speakers around the world.

Our objective is to create our own content, curate and translate from Spanish to English the most relevant pieces that we can have access to. Our aim is to provide an accurate approach to Venezuela’s reality on a daily basis without all the bias you find about our country in mainstream media.

The Orinoco Tribune will defend the causes of the less privileged, the Chavistas, the working class, the peasant movements, the anti-imperialists, and those who have been denied access to the media, and we will reject any content replicating smearing campaigns, imperialist narratives, or destructive criticism, because you can find that at any time in mainstream media when looking for information about Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and many other countries that do not bend to US global dictatorship.

We are trying to rescue all the information and debates from Chavismo that usually do not reach the exterior world due to the lack of translation and the blockade against our country. Currently we are creating our own content and we expect to expand in the future, always leaving our imprinting our perspective as Venezuelan Chavistas on our pieces.

We are currently ranked—according to the Alexa service—very close to our most admired independent news website in English, The Grayzone, in the 50K global level. We expect that for December 2021 we will be ranked in the lower 40K level in the Alexa rank.