Who we are – Becoming a Volunteer

Interested in joining our team? We are a group of journalists, analysts, editors, proofreaders, web designers and media junkies who embrace progressive causes. Although our content focuses on Venezuelan news and analysis, our team hails from all corners of the globe, and we publish a wide range of articles on various topics. We understand the relevance of information from diverse nations, voices and sources, and the need for an international context regarding Venezuela, from the perspective of Chavistas.

We also benefit from the help of a generous group of volunteers from all over the world, and we are always looking for more help from socialist-minded people in the areas of proofreading/translation, preparing and formatting the news (style assistants), social media managers, SEO experts and local reporters in Venezuela. Feel free to reach us using our contact form if you are interested in helping us.

Our team:

• SL. Volunteer proofreader 1
• OH Volunteer proofreader 2 (VPR 2)
SC. Volunteer proofreader 3 (VPR 3) (weekends)
YH. Style assistant (SA 1) (English-language pieces)
Vacant. Style assistant (SA 2) (Translated pieces) No Spanish language skills required
Vacant. Style assistant (SA 3) (English-language pieces) (weekends)
AR. Instagram Manager (IM)
• Vacant. Facebook Manager (FM)
Vacant. Twitter Manager (TM)
Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza. Editor (E)

Information for volunteer prospects:

We have a detailed step-by-step guide for our proofreaders, so they do not need previous WordPress experience.
For proofreading, speaking Spanish is not mandatory but of course it is plus.
For proofreading, having writing skills and a very good level of English is not mandatory, but of course it is a plus.
Proofreading a piece requires an average of fifteen minutes.
We divide our work into slots or “shifts”:
We publish four original/translation pieces and four English language pieces around noon everyday. On Sundays and Mondays we publish only half of this quota.
We publish two original/translation pieces and two English language pieces at night everyday.
We publish six English language pieces requiring proofreading every day, meaning ninety minutes of proofreading work a day, except on Sundays and Mondays when we only publish four pieces.
VPR 1 and 2 should be able to process (each) fourteen pieces a week (Mon-Fri), meaning 210 minutes or three and a half hours of work.
VPR 3 should be able to process six pieces on Saturdays and four pieces on Sundays, meaning 150 minutes or two and a half hours of work.
SA are responsible for what we call as preparing and formatting the news, meaning checking headline style, adding “related content” links, adding “featured image” information if available, adding “source URL” and “Translation/Editing signatures.” They also have to choose categories, tags and guest author information (when needed) for each piece, along with uploading the featured photo. It usually takes approximately fifteen minutes to “dress” (setup style) one piece.
We are very flexible and if you can only volunteer for one day a week we will adjust to your needs, depending on the available slots.
Our publishing times are very flexible so we can adjust to your time constraints, always trying to respect the two-shifts rule.
All volunteers will have a thirty-day evaluation period to finally be approved as part of our team.

We hope this information helps, not only to clarify who we are ad how we work, but also to make it easier for prospective volunteers to contact us. Besides all this information, there is another element that motivates our volunteers: the sense of belonging and working for a cause we believe in. This gives the added value of self-realization and meaning to the lives of our volunteers and to our team.


Updated on Dec 19, 2020

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