Editorial guidelines for contributors

We do not want this section to be a disincentive for anyone wishing to write and sharing their writing to us and wanting us to publish it in Orinoco Tribune. We are firm believers that in order to make your voice hear and to express yourself you do not have to be an intellectual or to have dozens of titles of PhD’s. We are not against that neither.

For requesting your writings to be posted in Orinoco Tribune  first we suggest you to become our reader and if you agree with our editorial line and comply with the following minimum standard feel free to share your writing with us:

  1. Quality: check your writing 2  or 3 times before sending it to us. Look for typos, grammatical mistake or ideas that are not properly closed or rounded.
  2. Do not include criticism of the kind you find in mainstream media about Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria, Iran, North Korea, China, Russia or any other country that is not submissive to US imperialism. Neither do that to past or present leaders of these countries. We respect and accept criticism but the positive one, the one that is intended to improve things, not to destroy them.
  3. Do not ask us to republish old prepublish pieces.  We have a rule of only posting opinion piece that are no more than 7 day older from the moment they were first published.
  4. We have a database of contributor author, in order to be there you have to previously have published at least three opinion piece with us.
  5. We do not accept content using hate speech or glorifying:
    1. fascism
    2. anti-semitism (anti-zionism is welcomed)
    3. homophobia
    4. racism
    5. sexism
    6. machismo
    7. russophobia or sinophobia
    8. xenophobia
    9. anti-comunism

Submitting your opinion pieces does not mean that your article is going to be published, sometimes the issue is not relevant for the particular timing, or the above prerequisites are not met, or our queue of opinion pieces to be publish do not allow to add more articles.

All our content uses the Creative Common 4.0 license, meaning that it is possible to share it in commercial and non commercial websites and the only thing we ask for is to reference our website and the authors properly.

Creative Commons licenses work as “Some rights reserved” rule instead of “All rights reserved” rule. … Attribution 4.0 – This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. This is the most accommodating of licenses offered.

We do not have enough manpower yet to respond all you emails but rest assured that we read all our emails and “contact us” submission messages. For that same reason we -at this time- can not notify you of the posting of a piece or for the reason of not posting a piece, or similar kind of inquiries. But we want you to know that in normal circumstances we do not take more than 24-48 hour to publish an opinion piece that meet all the above criteria.

Sometimes we will reach to you with some recommendations of edits to the content you submitted in the case we consider the piece is relevant but need to be adjusted to fix the above prerequisites or any other issue we might find.


NOTE: The views expressed in all OPINION articles are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Orinoco Tribune editorial staff.


Caracas, Nov 7, 2020

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