* 5 Venezuelan beaches among the 50 best

The Venezuelan shores are famous on the planet. The Canadian travel agency FlightNetwork published a ranking of the 50 best beaches you can visit in this continent (America).


The choice of the best beaches was in charge of more than 1200 journalists, editors and bloggers of different nationalities. The list not only includes the most popular beaches in Brazil or Argentina, there are also jewels that will surprise you from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.


“To help travelers fully enjoy their time on the beaches of this huge continent, we have created the most complete list of beaches in South America that must be seen,” says the travel agency.


Praia do Sancho, in Brazil, is the beach on top of the ranking.


Cayo de Agua (4), Playa Medina (13), Noronky Beach (20), Choroní (31), and Cayo Sombrero (44), are the Venezuelan jewels for the agency.


Cayo de Agua


For Venezuela, Cayo de Agua, in the Los Roques Archipelago, ranked fourth. “The secret treasure of Venezuela, the beach of Cayo de Agua, is a paradise for travelers. The cloudless sky is perfectly reflected in the clear Caribbean water. Bring a picnic and delight your eyes with the playful dolphins that frequent this virgin beach, “said Yurif Coronado, travel consultant.


Located discreetly off the coast of Venezuela, Cayo de Agua is essentially unknown to those outside the South American country and the few Italians who met the area decades ago. Apart from that, this island is silent. It is almost incredible that a beach with such white sand and blue waters of another world can not be touched by tourism. Here, the locals greet you with smiles and the dolphins splash in the shallows. The biblical skies are part of spectacular sunsets in the Caribbean that will leave you breathless. Arriving there, Cayo de Agua (Los Roques) is an archipelago of Venezuela, located in the Caribbean, 168 km (100 miles) north of Caracas.


Medina Beach, Carúpano


“A thin strip of land covered in bronze sand and mature coconuts, Playa Medina will make you feel happy lost in the sea. The total isolation of the outside world allows you to disconnect from your worries and truly appreciate the beauty of nature, “said Yurif Coronado, a consultant.


This beach is narrow, in fact, the imposing coconut trees that line the coast could drop their fruit directly into the ocean. But what this beach lacks in size makes up for with its charm and its astounding beauty. Located in a small cove, this crescent-shaped beach is remote: the dazzling sands, the intense blue waters and the exuberant forest are, to a large extent, intact from the outside world.


Here, you will feel like a castaway, and you will not mind at all. With a lot of coconuts and an inn at the end of the beach, you could stay forever. Arriving there, Playa Medina is located in the state of Sucre, in the northeastern region of Venezuela.


Noronky Beach, Los Roques


“Noronky Beach is one of the best kept secrets in Venezuela. With impressive coral reefs near the coast, full of fish, cerulean, undulating waves, this beach is paradise at its best. But the best of all is that it is likely that they are the only humans in sight, “explained Ana M, travel writer.


Noronky Beach may have a slightly different name, but its coastline is not at all. In fact, the shimmering, idyllic sands, the cerulean blue waters and the bright skies look like one of those travel cards that are too good to be true.


This remote island island off the coast of Venezuela is quite wild, so when you arrive, you may be lucky enough to be the only ones there. If that’s the case, relax, swim with the fish, snorkel on the coral reef and get ready not to boast too much when you return home. You will want to keep this place a secret. Arriving there, you can get to Noronky beach by flying to Los Roques airport. Americans, Australians, Europeans and travelers from all over the world can fly to Caracas, Venezuela, from where they can take a direct flight to Los Roques airport. Noronky beach is 15 km from the airport. You can take a boat to this beautiful little beach.


Choroni, Aragua


The Henri Pittier National Park creates a lush border around the sandy beach of Choroní, Venezuela. The blue water sinks along the virgin sand, completely separated from the main restaurants or hotels.


Zain Khan, from Flightnetwork, was captivated by this beach that borders the river.

The beach is located 80 kilometers west of Caracas, and offers a welcome respite from the frenetic pace of city life. The beach itself is called Playa Grande, but is often referred to as Choroní beach due to its proximity to the colonial town of the same name. This tropical paradise is one of the best in Venezuela.


The semicircular beach is of golden sand and blue waters framed by the exuberant vegetation of the Henri Pittier National Park. This is a truly intact territory, since there are no structures on the beach unless you have some chairs and umbrellas. There are also no high-rise hotels to contend with, since the accommodation consists of colonial houses converted into pastel shades on beautiful tree-lined streets. The city is charming, colorful and very quiet. It is 50 kilometers from Maracay, the nearest city.


Cayo Sombrero


“From the fresh seafood to the opportunity to camp under the open sky of Venice, while the waves make you sleep, Cayo Sombrero is a tempting paradise. Snorkel on the coast or relax under the palm trees full of coconuts, you will never want to leave “, is the opinion of César Briceño, from Karisma Hotels & Resorts.


Visit Cayo Sombrero in the Morrocoy National Park, Falcón state, and you will find it hard to believe what your eyes see.


Located in western Venezuela, Cayo Sombrero is the second largest island in the park and one of the most popular among beach lovers. It is home to two large beaches with caricatured palm trees that stretch over the sea. Camping is allowed during the night, small restaurants serve the freshest local seafood, and snorkeling is easy and always rewarding. It is difficult to overcome this stretch of the Venezuelan paradise.

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE

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