BREAKING NEWS: Captured in Cotiza Elements of the GNB that Stole Weapons and Kidnapped Officers in Petare

Through a communiqué issued by the Ministry of Popular Power for Defense and read in the channel of the Venezuelan State of Television, the capture of a group was reported of troops of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) who, on Monday morning, kidnapped the commander of the police coordination post in Macarao (Caracas), stole a batch of weapons from the Petare urban security center (Caracas) and kidnapped two officers and two troops of the GNB. The troops went to the Special Security Unit Waraira Repano in Cotiza (Caracas), where they met with strong resistance and were finally subdued and captured, recovering their weapons. At this time, they provide information to the security forces.

The military was also responsible for the dissemination, through social networks, of videos calling for the non recognition of the Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro.

The statement from the Ministry for Defense notes that at 2:50 am, a “small group of assailants assigned to the 43rd zone command of the Bolivarian National Guard, betraying their oath of allegiance to the country and its institutions,” subjected Captain Gerson Soto Martínez, commander of the police coordination post in Macarao, from where they then traveled in two military vehicles and stormed the headquarters of the Petare Urban Security Detachment, from where they stole a batch of weapons of war and kidnapped two officers and two other members of the GNB. Then, they went to the Special Security Unit Waraira Repano in Cotiza, where they found a “firm resistance” on the part of the troops. There they were arrested, stolen weapons were recovered and “at present they are providing information of interest to the intelligence agencies and the military justice system.”

it is important to remember that during the weekend Brazilian authorities declare to the media about a Military Rebelión in Venezuela.

Below, the text of the communiqué issued by the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB):

For his part, the president of the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, expressed his repudiation of the action of the captured military. Through four tweets (1 2 3 4), he stated:

Once again, our Bolivarian National Armed Forces, Sentry of the Homeland, captures and reduces a small group of assailants and traitors to the Homeland who stole weapons to generate violence and anxiety in the population.

Always alert, from the dawn, once detected the action of a group of assailants, we began the counterattack to neutralize the acts of the traitors to the Fatherland, who without success attempted against the Peace of the Republic. Forced to confine themselves in Cotiza, the group of assailants, were neutralized, surrendered and captured, in record time, they are already confessing details. The first thing they said was that they offered them everything but at the end they left them alone, that they had been cheated.

With absolute respect for human rights, as it always has been, but with the strength and firmness that the occasion deserves, our Bolivarian National Armed Force responds to the attacks against the Homeland and its institutions, wherever they come from.

We will win!!

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/AR

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