Cabello: Venezuelan Opposition Wants to Dialogue with Maduro Secretly

The Venezuelan leader Diosdado Cabello says that the opposition wants to dialogue with Maduro ‘in secret’, despite the fact that they indicated that they will not recognize the president.

“All the opposition (…) wants to dialogue with the government, even if it is hidden, this is to remove the mask from the hypocrites, because they all send emissaries to dialogue with the government, preferably hidden, they are hypocrites,” Cabello, president of the Constituent Assembly of Venezuela (ANC), said on Monday.

The prominent Chavismo leader stressed that the country’s president, Nicolás Maduro, has no problems in meeting with the opposition, while pointing out that the dialogue “does not mean to capitulate” neither to the ruling party nor to the opposition.

“If we have to talk, we talk, our proposal with dialogue or without dialogue is socialism, they are not going to change us,” he said at a press conference broadcast by the state-owned channel Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), the main problem facing the Administration this year 2019 is the economic and financial one, which refers to the United States.

“The war they have against Venezuela prevents us from buying medicine or choosing to get international loans,” he said, adding that any Venezuelan who has supported a military intervention against their country will be treated as an “enemy.”

The statements of Cabello occur days before President Maduro is sworn in for a new term of office (2019-2025) after being re-elected with a wide margin in the elections last May.

The opposition and several countries of the American continent and the world have warned that they will not recognize a new presidential term of Maduro, but the president said he will give a “reciprocal and timely” response to those who do not recognize him, and reiterated that he will swear accompanied by the people , the military and “the company of the world.”

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Source URL: HispanTV

Translated by JRE / AR

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