Celebrating Sandinismo at Nicaragua’s Palestine Park

On Sunday, July 18, 2021, thousands of Nicaraguans attended a rally celebrating the 42nd anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution at Palestine Park in Managua. Participants held banners that read “Free Palestine,” “Hands Off Cuba,” and “Nicaragua Sandinista” as part of the internationalist celebration.

Palestine Park was constructed in 2013 by the government of President Daniel Ortega in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Central to the park is a statue of Palestinian freedom fighter Yasser Arafat, who is also pictured with President Ortega in a nearby poster. The park also features Nicaraguan and Palestinian freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in the struggles against zionism and imperialism.

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Nicaragua, and Central America overall, is home to a large Palestinian diaspora population. Nicaragua’s Sandinista government has remained firm in support of Palestinian liberation since the victory of its 1979 Revolution.

This video is one of several episodes of Nicaragua Against Empire, a documentary series that highlights Nicaraguan resistance to Western imperialism. This series was recorded and produced by Ramiro Sebastián Fúnez, a Honduran communist content creator based in Los Angeles, California.


Featured image: Poster from Ramiro Fúnez’ documentary Nicaragua Against Empire. Photo courtesy of Ramiro Fúnez.

Special for Orinoco Tribune by Ramiro Sebastián Fúnez

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