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First of all, we would like to thank all of our supporters whose financial assistance has allowed Orinoco Tribune to thrive for over three years. Thank you truly.

Secondly, we want all of our readers and followers to know that Orinoco Tribune is 100% funded by your donations. We do not take financial support from any businesses, governments, or major non-government organizations (NGOs). We do not allow advertisements that finance big tech operations to distract our readers. We also reject doing back-linking and content deals with sponsors. Overall, we are extremely proud of our independence, and we have even faced disagreements with some good friends and donors that have tried to dictate to us what to do.

Thirdly, Orinoco Tribune is working around the clock to provide you with topical and accurate original content, translated content, and curated English-language content about world news, from the perspective of our home office in Caracas, Venezuela. In addition, we have exponentially increased our multimedia content in an attempt to provide another perspective, not only about Venezuela, but also about Latin America and the world.

Your donations are now tax-deductible through the Alliance For Global Justice sponsorship program, and that is our preferred donation option. To learn more click here.

Jan 27, 2023 Update: The Alliance for Global Justice has notified us about issues with their payment gateway causing donations not to pass through. They encouraged us to invite our donors to make donations by check (instructions below) if they experience issues while making a donation and they also asked us to request our donors to update us about any issue experienced while making a donation.

In addition, supporters can make contributions through Paypal and Patreon.

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Updated: November 4, 2022