Luis Brito’s Comments on Julio Escalona Speech

The political analyst and Venezuelan historian Luis Britto García assured this Monday, December 24, that given the amount of economic threats to which Venezuela has been subjected, the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) must have given the authorities more power to defend the country.

“The ANC, from its first moment, had to sanction constitutional laws to endow the State with supreme powers for the confiscation of companies that incur in economic crimes,” he said.

During an interview with [the Newspaper] Panorama, Britto García said that the current Constitution “prohibits a group of companies from taking the position of dominance in the economy to force economic processes.” “The ANC should have endowed the State with sufficient powers to operate against those interests,” he added.

The writer also stressed that the plenipotentiary body [ANC] should have sanctioned a body of sufficient norms to respond to the constant military threats that Venezuela has received in recent times. “It is obvious that we are in almost a state of emergency because several countries whose governments have declared themselves at enmity with ours, are doing military exercises, continually threaten us, attack us in international organizations,” he recalled.

“The ANC has not fulfilled its work as recognized by the constituent Julio Escalona?

-The ANC had several purposes, with the first of them it did show that it was evidenced that Bolivarianism was backed by the majority of the electorate and so effective it was that practically the following day all those terrorist assaults of the guarimbas declined and disappeared. Now, even the president of the ANC, Diosdado Cabello, does not have an alternative constitution project, I have located two projects, through my “secret service” and I have published them commenting on my website, but the president [Cabello] says there is no project yet and we have to believe him. So, what has the ANC been doing for a year and a half? Some of the results are objectionable, for example, on December 28 of last year, sanctioned a Law of Promotion and Protection of Foreign Investment, a law that is unprecedented because it goes against the interests of national development and against the principle of equality. One of those constitution projects was published by Panorama.”

When asked about the decision of some right-wing governments of the region not to recognize the new presidential term of Nicolás Maduro, Britto García said: “The day these countries choose the president of Venezuela we should worry, but just as we can not choose the President of those countries, they can not choose ours. I do not know which countries have incurred in that nonsense, you can say anything, the president is appointed by the Venezuelan people. They are aiming at the wrong place.”

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE /AR

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