Orinoco Tribune is Getting Married – You are All Invited

You are invited: Jesus Rodriguez and Orinoco Tribune are Getting Married

No kidding! We have been living together for the last 17 months but we took the decision to make the jump during our 1½ anniversary, on May 23rd.
We understand the economic constraints in coronavirus times…we are all affected, but if you are not able to help with money, you always are going to be of great help if you share massively this wedding registry or direct the wedding registry to people you think might have the means to help and might like our work.

We have decided to make Orinoco Tribune our only work. Donations and more recently ads are helping a bit (no more than donations) but it’s not enough to buy equipment that we urgently need. Most of the equipment is for our editor but a small part will go to our co-editor that works with us out of pure love and commitment to the cause.

With love

Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza


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