Self-proclamation Epidemic

More than 30 days after the self-proclamation of Juan Guaido as “Interim President” of Venezuela, and due to the circus style of the US foreign policy supporting this operation, a movement, some people might call it an epidemic is reaching several countries.

In Colombia Alejandro Munoz proclaimed himself President last Tuesday February 26th. In the US, citizen Jon Gold posted a video on Youtube proclaiming himself President of the US last February the 7th and he already announced a list of decisions we believe many US citizens will support.

Simultaneously in Brazil, Jose de Abreu, proclaimed himself President of that country on February 26th and already has a Minister of Education and his Wikipedia page design.






For more details you can visit Brazil Wire to learn more about the Brazilian new revolution.

Trump already recognized him:




United States


Understanding that this might become a trend worldwide (#ISelfProclaimPresident) we promise to update this post in order to cover any new president that follows the example of the “heroic” Juan Guaido. It does not matter if you have the support of the US government — what matters the most is the support of the people.



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