The Amadores Corner is no Longer a Garbage Dump

The UENB school community 5 de Julio and the residents of La Pastora rescue the environment and demonstrated consciences.

The Amadores corner, in La Pastora, northwest of the capital, is once again a reference in Caracas’ daily life; but this time it has nothing to do with the tragic-religious thing that involved the death of the Servant of God, José Gregorio Hernández. An initiative of the Bolivarian National School July 5 that involved spontaneous neighbors and government agencies, allowed them to articulate as popular power to combine duties and rights in a well-terrestrial manner; and thus what until November was an anarchic street, source of pollution and diseases, today is a recovered space to live and coexist.

In a very enthusiastic way, the first grade teacher Karina Herrera, who lives in La Pastora and studied at that school, responding to the war cry of her 28 students: “No más basura”, commands the project called “educando en comunidad we created our environment”.

“It was the children’s voice that made us react and motorize the work, advised and supported by the people of Supra [local government agency], to solve, first the problem of garbage, and then to cultivate awareness in the rescue of values”, although it knows that “the success of this first effort is not guaranteed if we do not give continuity and perseverance”.

The children suffered from respiratory diseases and some viral diseases, due to the effects of garbage and pollution, and within the framework of the objectives of environmental education the commitment of teachers and parents to clean up the whole area grew, so they transformed the old garbage dump in a sort of ornamental gardening made entirely with recycled material according to the design of Herrera.

The other teachers involved in the project that reached the community in the rescue of lost values are Mercedes Parababi and Ana Ávila, promoters of recycling as part of the solution (they already have banners and posters, as well as other articles, alluding to this subject), They know that there is a lack of awareness of the neighbors and of those who pass through with the “bad habit” of continuing to throw their waste on the street.

They consider that the project should be extended to other schools in the area and advocate the urgent renovation of the Amadores pharmacy as well as the mural of José Gregorio Hernández, and propose that the sector be a tourist boulevard for what it represents.

Diana Solórzano, Carolina Quintero, Ana Montilva, Luisa Delgado, Flor Paredes and Jaime Beltrán are representatives of the chamitos [kids] of first grade that made the transformation of the sector that is now more friendly for everyday living, and although there are many non believers, others so many spontaneous groups have created guard to maintain the cleanliness and insist with campaigns to maintain the achievement of such beautiful collective effort.

The rubber company of Desbarrancado donated the rubbers that are now plant pots, the parents the painting, and all, starting with the children, including the communal council of the sector, were the workforce.

Supra was and will be decisive in the success

Francisco Perozo and Jairo Quiñones, assistant manager and supervisor of Supra, attended the call of the school community 5 de Julio and with their contribution they began, on November 29, the transformation of a street into a space to live together. In addition to doing the cleaning and initial collection of the former dumpster, they provided fertilized land for the manufacture of the plant pots, and generated throughout the community the culture of taking out the trash after 6 in the afternoon, because from 6:30 to 7: 00 of the night, from Monday to Saturday, the solid waste collection truck passes through the sector. This work of public workers is exalted by teachers, students, representatives and neighbors of the sector to ensure that the project does not die at birth and that the culture of conservation arises.

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Translated by JRE