The Self-Proclaimed Promotes Looting and Anarchy Using Social Media

Three days after the electrical sabotage that affected a large part of the country, Juan Guaidó has increased the aggressiveness of his statements in an attempt to capitalize on the discomfort surrounding his figure, while seeking to take advantage of the social tension accumulated in the last few hours of protests and mass mobilizations.

According to reports from social networks, some acts of looting have taken place in the country, specifically in Maracaibo and Maturín, without these have become a generalized reality that covers large areas of the national geography. However, for Guaidó, this represents a window of opportunity to reactivate his leadership and public projection.

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In that line the deputy, self-proclaimed president of the country in the avenues of the east of Caracas on January 23, promoted looting and vandalism from his Twitter. Guaidó sees in the promotion of these events a possibility of achieving the street demonstrations that he has not been able to mobilize with his own leadership.


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In his messages, Guaidó falls into a contradiction: he claims not to advocate violence or damage to private property, but by promoting looting he makes this apology a reality. It is worth mentioning that most of the rioting attempts have been contained very fast and Venezuelan government officials have said that the majority of the ones captured are paid rioters hired by the Voluntad Popular party.

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