(UPDATES) ALERT: US Regime about to Illegally Evict the Protectors – Support the Venezuelan Embassy Protectors! (Video)

Anti-war activists living in the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C. are under siege by a right-wing mob supported by the Secret Service and other police agencies. Watch the new video below about their historic struggle and show your support on Saturday, May 18 at the national demonstration.

Before finishing this editorial, social networks began to viralized videos of an imminent eviction of the Collective Defending the Venezuelan Embassy in DC. Under all legal analysis this action is ilegal. Disregarding the US regime position on Guaido, the United Nations only recognizes the legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela and in that respect they have to comply with the Vienna Convention stating that the host government (the US in this case) should protect diplomatic buildings even in cases of warring countries.

“The Venezuelan government will have the legitimate right to procede in the same way against the US Embassy in Caracas in the case our diplomatic building in Washington DC is unlawfully occupy”, a diplomatic expert said to OT.

This is a video prepared by the collective a few hours ago, knowing about the possibility of being unlawfully evicted:

Updated: May 13th, 9:25 pm (Caracas time)

The crime has been consummated, US “law enforcement” have evicted the Collective in Defense of the Embassy”, here a video of the exiting of some activists:

Updated: May 13th, 9:58 pm (Caracas time)

Besides some members of the Collective already outside the Embassy, some activists remain in the building according to a post on twitter from Morgan Artyukhina @LavenderNRed

Updated: May 13th, 10:10 pm (Caracas time)

A twitter post by @MaxBlumenthal, 27 minutes ago provided more clarity about the situation on the Venezuelan Embassy in DC. Four members of the collective are still in the building and “law enforcement” have left the premises. In parallel “law enforcement” is dismantling the anti-chavista tent in front of the embassy acording to a post by Morgan Artyukhina.

Updated: May 13th, 10:23 pm (Caracas time)

Here a detailed explanation about what happened by Alex Rubinstein @RealAlexRubi:

to be updated…

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