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Please do not break your head elaborating explanations of why the play of international fascism is illegal.

by José Roberto Duque

Sir: a coup d’état is an act of brute force. The one with weapons and people who shoot them do what he wants and do it to the fist.

That is what is happening here, no application of “iutis mamagüevis companis juris” (Venezuelan humor).

Chavismo is being evicted from the control of the State, and the only thing that can be calculated is how and who can do something to try to avoid it, or at least not to put it so easy.

  • US intends to evict Nicolás Maduro from Miraflores at the latest by March or April of this year. From here to that date, everything the Venezuelan Government does be consider illegal. And illegal or not we will continue to recognize Nicolás Maduro as president.
  • Mobilization of militant people and international pressure: two routes available. Hopefully the latter will be more effective than when it comes to align against Israel.
  • His interim puppet will summon at any moment to a theater that they will call “elections”. If we let that election to happen, they will win and any asshole will be appointed president at the service of the US.
  • Some Nicmer Evans (Marra Socialista activist) or similar garbage will participate there, calling themselves Chavistas, to give the appearance of a pluralistic event to the clowning.
  • The Chavistas also will not abide by what the “interim asshole” says or does that is obvious. I speak for those of us who never doubt the legitimacy of Nicolás Maduro. Those who have been clamoring for Maduro’s overthrow, using the name of Chavez, let’s them rotten and go fuck the stupid guy the gringos put on. Grab that: there you have your efficient manager, immaculate and expert in economics and in public adornment.
  • The puppet has announced an “official” welcome to the invading army disguised as a delegation with humanitarian aid. It is one of the most serious fairy tales that come.
  • The time for slogans is over. We are military objective.

Source URL: Mision Verdad

Translated by JRE/AR

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