Arreaza: At the Request of the US, Conversations to Open Interest Offices Began

During a press conference held today in the Ministry of Foreign Affaires in Caracas, the Minister Jorge Arreaza joined by the Deputy Minister for North America, Carlos Ron, presented to the media more details about the meetings held with US Diplomats in Caracas to Open Offices of Interests in each capital city.

Arreaza said that at the request of the US Government with a Diplomatic Note from January 26th directed to the Legitimate Venezuelan Government, through its charge of business, James Story they initiated discussions for the establishment of Interest Offices, after the rupture of diplomatic and political relations. Arreaza said that as usual the Venezuelan government is acting in “good faith”.

Arreaza showed a diplomatic note signed by the US Chargé d’Affaires in Caracas.

The Chancellor said that the note deals with the explicit request of the US diplomat for the opening of interest offices. “We have established direct conversations with the charge d’affairs to work in the creation of an office of interests to safeguard our interests and exchanges with the US…following what is defined in the Viena Convention.”.

He presented photos of the first meeting held in the Ministry of Foreign Affair in Caracas between US diplomats and Simon Gordils, Deputy Minister for International Cooperation and explain that he couldn’t handle the meeting personally because he was defending Venezuela in UN Security Council.

He also presented to the media the diplomatic notes exchanged between the remaining US diplomatic personal in Caracas and the legitimate and only Venezuelan Government. And implied that those diplomatic notes are a recognition of President Maduro because they are directed to his government.


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