Chilean President’s Approval Falls Under 10% After Protests

A study published in Chile revealed that the support of the Chilean president, Sebastián Piñera, crossed the 10 percentage point barrier and marked 9.1%, in the midst of citizen demonstrations.

“9.1% approve of the way Sebastián Piñera is conducting his government,” the company Activia Research published in its October Pulso Ciudadano survey.

This figure is the lowest recorded by a president of Chile.

Among the reasons given by respondents to reject his management, are:

  • lack of leadership

  • favors entrepreneurs

  • nepotism

  • inequality, among others.

The study also showed that 59% of the population believes that the country is going in the wrong direction, and 31% say it is even going backwards.

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The topics that most concentrated the concern on the Chileans surveyed were:

  • pensions

  • health

  • delinquency

  • education

  • unemployment

  • corruption

The mobilizations began on October 14 in Chile due to a 30 peso increase (less than one dollar) in the price of the Santiago Metro ticket, which days later was canceled by Piñera.

Photo: Jorge Silva

Chile en su laberinto: ¿hay salida a la crisis?

However, the protests did not stop encompassing other social claims.

The NHRI has received complaints of human rights violations following the actions of the police and military, accusations of torture, abuse of power, beatings and arbitrary detentions, a situation that is also being analyzed by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations.

So far the official figure is 23 dead, five of whom lost their lives at the hands of members of the armed forces and police.

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