* Christian Zerpa, Venezuelan Justice Investigated for Sexual Harassment Flee the Country

Christian Tyrone Zerpa, former Justice of the Supreme Court (TSJ), was investigated since November 23, 2018 after a group of officials in his office reported him for “unseemly and immoral conduct”, according to the President of the Supreme Court. of Justice, Maikel Moreno.

Zerpa became news last weekend by fleeing to the United States, supposedly to “ignore in one way or another the government of Nicolás Maduro.” According to a press release from the highest court, Zerpa was the object of “repeated denunciations that officials of his office had filed against him, for unseemly and immoral conduct to the detriment of a group of women who were working in his office, many of whom presented their resignations or had to be relocated to other areas of the institution, before their aberrant conduct, which can only obtain the contempt and rejection of society. ”

The file of the fugitive Justice was sent to the Republican Moral Council by the Board of Directors of this instance for the dismissal of the official.

With this, Zerpa must face before the ordinary jurisdiction “the very serious crimes for which it is being pointed out,” the statement said.

“Former Judge Zerpa fled the country using his constitutional prerogative that he held, to avoid justice and that his crimes would go unpunished,” said the president of the TSJ, Maikel Moreno.

He added that “those who lend themselves to vindicate the dark psychopathology of this former official must obtain the rejection of all of us who have been guarantors of the untouchable rights of women.”

Zerpa served as deputy for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and was elected magistrate of the Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice in 2015. Currently, after fleeing from Venezuela, he has granted several interviews to various right-wing media in Florida, including El Venezolano TV.

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Translated by JRE