Colombian Diplomats Already Leaving Venezuela

Yesterday, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, in a speech in front of a Massive Chavista demonstration in Caracas announced the complete break of diplomatic and political relations with the Colombian government and ordered all Colombian diplomats in Venezuela to abandon the country in 24 hours, as they did start doing around noon today.

In a series of tweets, Camila Escalante, the journalist of Telesur reported the departure of Colombian diplomats posted in the cities of San Cristobal and San Antonio.

It is worth to remark that the decision of the Venezuelan President was taken during a day of paramilitary aggression against Venezuela sovereignty from all the entry points in the border of Venezuela with Colombian, with the complete support and green light of Colombian security and migration authorities.

Colombian diplomatic staff from San Antonio & San Cristóbal consulates exit Venezuela this morning via Simon Bolivar Bridge, on orders of Pres. Nicolas Maduro, who announced the severing of diplomatic ties yesterday. Secure exit to Colombian territory is overseen by GNB escort, she posted.



The ultra-conservative Colombian newspaper El Tiempo also reported that their diplomatic and consular personnel in San Antonio and San Cristobal crossed the border today to Cucuta without any incidents.



The Colombian authorities keep claiming in their twisted understanding of international law that they are doing this but it does not mean recognition in any way of Maduro’s legitimacy.


This happened disregarding Guaido’s “instructions” yesterday to the Colombian Diplomats to stay in Venezuela, as stated by the Colombian Foreign Minister (in the tweet) in their -again- twisted understanding of international law. The evidence is showing that the international plot against Venezuela is falling apart and can not be sustained and that the risk of a military intervention in Venezuela rises.