Communist Party Rejects Statements by Governor La Cava About Public Services Privatization

December 5, 2019.- With a statement sent to, the Communist Party of Venezuela, Carabobo section, established its public position responding to repeated statements of Governor Rafael Lacava, on the privatization of public services, as a mechanism for increased “efficiency”.

Lacava said: “People have become accustomed to everything being free” and reiterated the belief that the means of production must be in private hands, hinting that the socialist management that has been lived in Venezuela is the cause of the current problems of the Venezuelan economy.

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The Communist Party respects the free ideological decisions of such and such persons; and even considers the words of Governor Lacava an act of sincerity, but the fact of respecting his ideas does not imply that the Communist Party shares them, the red militants said. “The opinions and concepts issued by the governor are at the antipodes of the interests of the working class in its emancipation from capitalist exploitation.”

The communists point out that the idea of privatizing the collection and provision of public services (water, electricity, telephony and internet and garbage dispossal) has been launched repeatedly from the regional Capitol, to “improve the service”; It also states that “the people have become accustomed to everything being free, that they have never paid for the services”; this suggests in the first place that the Venezuelan people and the working class are a kind of parasitic sector that live on the state and on the noble efforts of businessmen. Although in reality those who have parasitized the oil state, have been the Venezuelan bourgeoisie.

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The proposal of the governor, insists the communists, is to privatize the only profitable aspect of public services, the collection; as long as the main support of the generation of said services remains in the hands of the central state. To say the nation-state generates cheap electricity from the Guri, it is sold to the bourgeoisie at low cost and they sell it at high costs to the public. The state maintains the fundamentals of the distribution of water treatment and distribution plants, telephone services, sanitary landfills, etc; and the bourgeoisie only charges and maintains the lesser services of hydrology, electricity, cleaning, etc. That is to say, the Republic maintains all the national infrastructure of the services, but the BOURGEOISIE COLLECTS! “YOU WANT TO PRIVATIZE THE COLLECTION COUNTER.”

In turn, in Venezuela, public services, water, electricity and telephony have always been paid; A few years ago, as a result of irrational and irresponsible management of public utilities, the state has stopped charging for services; citizens go to the service payment booths to cancel their monthly payments and they simply do not charge, they stressed.

Finally, the Communist Party considers it a mistake of the state not to charge public services; but in what we will never agree, it is in the application of a fee. “The increase in public services in amounts that tend to exceed the minimum wage by far is a crime against the working class and the people; in addition, it is the private sector (bourgeoisie) who consumes the public services to a greater extent based on their business, therefore it is private capital that must pay more, under the principle of higher consumption, higher payment.” “In Venezuela, socialism has not failed, something that has never been established in the country cannot fail.” In Venezuela, what failed was the bourgeois management of rentier capitalism, in Venezuela. The working class did not fail, the FAILURE WAS THE BOURGEOISIE!

Featured image: Carabobo State Governor, Rafael La Cava (PSUV)

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Translated by JRE/EF

Communist Party Rejects Statements by Governor La Cava About Public Services Privatization