* Cost of issuing passports will be two Petros

The cost of issuing a passports in Venezuela will be 18,000 Sovereign Bolivars [US$ 36 at black market exchange rate], equivalent to two Petros, after the increase of the national cryptocurrency price on November 30.

The issuance of the extension of the passport, which extends its validity for two more years, will continue with a value of one Petro, at a rate of 9,000 Bs.S, informed the Ministry for Interior Affaires, Justice and Peace in a press release.

Venezuelans who are abroad will continue to pay $ 200 for the issuance of a passport and $ 100 for the extension.

Since last Thursday, November 30, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced the increase of the Petro whose value was set at nine thousand sovereign bolivars.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE

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