Cuba: Where do Washington Millions for the Contra Revolution go?

The US Government of President Donald Trump allocated, from January 20, 2017 to date, according to the Cuba Money Project website, more than $ 22 million for subversion projects against Cuba.

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The total figure, the source said, includes $ 2,762,161 for migrant programs at the illegal US naval base in Guantánamo, 2,533,701 for administration and surveillance and $ 162,618 for relocation initiatives in Havana.

The State Department drafted the names of organizations that received one million 320 804 dollars from the National Foundation for Democracy (NED), Cuba Money Project emphasized. According to the source, USAID did not disclose the names of the groups that benefited from an additional payment of $ 206,535.

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Cuba Money Project showed that 14,386,098 dollars went to 42 organizations that operate within the range of projects of the so-called “promotion of democracy”.


  • 1,873,311 USD International Republican Institute

  • 1,740,784 USD Pan American Development Foundation

  • 1,442,000 USD Democracy Support Group

  • 1,300,000 USD Cuban Democratic Directorate

  • 1,003,674 USD Evangelical Christian humanitarian evolution for Cuba

  • 694,877 USD National Democratic Institute

  • 450,127 USD CubaNet

  • 440,000 USD Diario de Cuba Association

Source URL: Granma

Translated by JRE/EF

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