Delta Strain Detected in Venezuela’s Simón Bolívar Airport—7+7 Reopening Plan Continues

On Sunday, July 25, President Nicolás Maduro reported the detection of two cases of the Delta strain: “In Venezuela we already have two cases of the Delta strain: an athlete who came to Miranda from Turkey, and the second case of a doctor who lives in Caracas. He came from abroad. Both people are vaccinated.”

He mentioned the study about lifting the 7+7 reopening scheme and highlighted that the country is facing a new threat with the Delta and Delta Plus variants. He explained that in Colombia they realized last Saturday that the Delta strain was detected a month and a half ago.

“In Venezuela, without a doubt, we must maintain the 7+7 because we already have the Delta strain among us,” Maduro said. “We can seek a form of flexibility during the weeks of radical quarantine.”

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For this reason, he announced that tomorrow [Monday, July 26] “the seven days of radical quarantine will start. Let’s maintain biosafety measures and some flexibility measures.”

For her part, the Minister of Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez, commented that the two people infected with the Delta variant are vaccinated, so they do not have complications. The greatest concern that the health authorities have is the high rate of spread and the possibility that serious versions of the disease will arise. Hence, it is important that people are willing to get vaccinated.

President Maduro urged health authorities to prepare protocols and treatments for the Delta variant and announced that all CDIs will be used as COVID-19 mass vaccination centers. “We have decided to convert all Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers into COVID-19 vaccination centers,” Maduro explained. “There are 125 CDIs that meet the conditions for this process.”


Featured image: President Maduro chairing his weekly working meeting on the COVID-19 fight. Photo courtesy of Últimas Noticias.

(Últimas Noticias) by Enza Garcias

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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