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May 2021 – May 2022 Campaign

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Help Orinoco Tribune to continue providing information about Venezuela for English speakers worldwide on a daily basis, 24/7, all year long. Everything made by Chavista Venezuelans with foot on the ground and an amazing team of volunteers from different countries that have allow us to reach the 10 thousand posts mark a few days ago.

For us and -we believe- also for our readers it is important a regular benchmarking. Below you will see how Orinoco Tribune is positioned in the global Alexa internet ranking in relation to other international leftist websites and also in relation to Venezuelan progressive ones, as for April 3, 2021.

In less than 30 months we are very close to a model to us The GrayZone, but we are even better ranked than great websites like MintPress or Venezuelanalysis. And very close to referential big monsters like Jacobin, The Nation, Democracy Now, Aporrea or Ultimas Noticias (we use them only as reference).

One thing raised our attention: of those news outlets in English language with reference to the Venezuelan internet ranking (like Venezuelanalysis, Grayzone, MintPress), Orinoco Tribune is the best ranked inside Venezuela (position 482) very close to a Spanish language website like Aporrea (344).

All these numbers are showing the commitment of our readers but also the perseverance and hard work of our small team (mostly volunteers) that help us deliver more information about Venezuela for the world with a Chavista perspective.

You can make your donations to Orinoco Tribune via Credit Card (Stripe) or PayPal using this form and it goes directly to the PayPal/Stripe account of our Editor, Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza.

The best donation option for us though is the MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION. It allows us to better plan expenses so we encourage you to use this option if you can, clicking on the PATREON button that is in the right sidebar on our website, at the end of each piece we post and below.

Thank you for being a loyal reader and for your patronage.

With love and camaraderie


Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza

Editor and founder

May 21, 2021