“El Limon” River Overflowed in Aragua State (Maracay) – No Human Loss Reported (Videos + Images)

The governor of Aragua state, Rodolfo Marco Torres, reported this Wednesday through his Twitter account that on the overflowing of the El Limón River in the city of Maracay, he has ordered the security and protection agencies of Aragua state to deploy in the areas of the locality affected by the rains, especially in the Mario Briceño Iragorry municipality, north of the Aragua state capital.

Later, the governor reported through the state television channel that the situation is under control and that only damage to businesses, homes and vehicles are reported, with no loss of human life to regret.

The state companies Construaragua, Fundaragua, Vías de Aragua and Barrio Tricolor are deployed in the affected areas to provide support to their inhabitants.

He recalled that the rains have lasted in the state for more than 15 days, and stressed that the effects were not of greater magnitude due to the cleaning of dams, rivers and streams carried out since the beginning of the year.

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The official also reported that a survey of the damage is being carried out to concentrate the efforts of the authorities and provide a timely response to the population.

Likewise, Governor Marco Torres called for calm and urged the people of Aragua to stay in their homes, and not to lower their guard with health measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

However, residents of the affected areas have passed different reports through social networks, such as in the case of the inhabitants of Los Capuchinos (Mario Briceño Iragorry) who report that mud and belongings are observed on the road, in addition to one house collapsed. They even claim they saw the bodies of two people who would have been swept away by the force of the waters.

Likewise, they report that the water entered several residences located on Avenida Universidad de El Limón, which forced the residents to abandon their homes.

Meanwhile, residents of the El Progreso and Mata Seca sectors had to run to the top floor of their homes

On the other hand, residents of the Los Rauseos sector report a significant number of vehicles affected by collisions and even that they were covered by mud, while they were in a queue to refuel their car with gasoline.

Inhabitants of the Capuchinos sector (Mario Briceño Iragorry) report missing persons who have been carried away by the overflowing river. They request the authorities to set up a search and rescue commission to provide assistance on the spot.

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They point out that at least 10 volunteer groups have been activated so far to help in the affected area.

Support from the National government
President Nicolas Maduro ordered the Operational Strategic Commander and the Barrio Adentro mission to take care of the people due to the overflow of the El Limón river, in the state of Aragua. “Until now, only material damage has been registered,” he reported during a TV broadcast.

During a phone call with President Maduro, Governor Marco Torres reported that between 80 and 100 homes have been affected by the overflowing of the El Limón River. However, he said that no loss of human life has been reported so far.

“We are walking the streets of the El Limón parish, meeting with the affected families and gathering information on the effects. All the national agencies are already deployed in the area,” said the governor.

President Maduro reported that he asked Minister Néstor Luis Reverol, vice president of public infrastructure, to be aware of everything that is needed by the people, as well as the FANB, to immediately grant all support to Governor Marco Torres, as well as to the Minister of Public Infrastructure, Raúl Alfonso Paredes, to send all the necessary machinery to regularize the access roads, highways, streets, to collect debris and clean the roads. He also asked the authorities to take a census of the material damage generated in the area.

The president pointed out that through the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo Tricolor, he will guarantee the repair of their homes and, if necessary, the construction of new homes.

“With the Venezuela Great Housing Mission, I guarantee you all the support to rebuild your home or to build a new home, all support for you. The important thing is that you are physically well, that you are healthy. When someone loses their home, they feel like they lose the world. That is why there is a revolutionary government here, and people know that they are not orphans, they are not alone. Here we go, biting the bullet,” said the President.

Featured image: Elder woman being rescue in Maracay during the “El Limon” river flooding. courtesy Governor of Aragua State.

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