France: Gilets Jaunes – Act 14th

Today in Paris and in several cities all over France and other European countries lived Act XIV of the Yellow Vests movement that instead of getting smaller it’s getting bigger in terms of number of demonstrators and in terms of police brutality by the Macron Regime.

While demonstrators complain that the media in France was only broadcasting documentaries about antisemism the media did not show too much about the massive protests that seem to be covered only by the Russian RT in an evident act of censorship by the illegitimate government of Macron (sorry we are Venezuelans and want Macron to feel a bit what it means to be called illegitimate out of the blue).

Bellow we want to try to represent through a series of tweets of the best video footage we found on todays demonstrations. In an attempt to bypass the media censorship.

Thousands of demonstrators today in Paris:

Where is the repression in Caracas or Paris?


More represion. Those might be Maduro intelligence services infiltrated as French police (sarcasm) ?

Near Le Champs Elysses


A big number of chavista provoqueurs in Marselle also (more sarcasm) ?

More clashes with police near Place des Invalides, Paris:


Place des Invalides another perspective:

More police repression near Champ Ellyses:


And more crashes in Champs Ellysses


Macron regime have accused President Maduro’s government of human rights violation even though in recent days there have been several massive demonstrations all over Venezuela from right wingers but also Chavistas and all of them have end up peacefully, unlike France.


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