Jorge Rodriguez to Ivan Duque: For Each Homicide you Create a False Positive

Venezuelan minister for Communications — until today –, Jorge Rodríguez, on behalf of the Venezuelan government, responded to the accusations that on September 3, Colombian president Iván Duque made when informing of the capture of four Venezuelan deserters accused of wanting to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro.

Rodríguez described the statements as “imbecilic” after “two, three and four years”, those now detained in Colombia were under the protection of Ivan Duque himself, being trained by mercenaries in order to attack Venezuela.”

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The minister offered details about the detainees, their crimes in Venezuela and how they enjoyed full freedom for months in Colombia. This is the case of Rayder Russo, alias “Pico” , who participated in the assassination attempt with drones against Maduro in August 2018 : “He provided the logistics, drones and explosives for the attempted assassination against president Maduro on August 4, 2018, he lived in Colombia without any problems,” he said.

“But (Duque) you forgot a detail, Yacsy Mirabal Álvarez, alías Álex, was in charge of all the logistics for the mercenary incursion on May 4 in Chuao and Macuto, but she also participated in the entry into Colombia of the mercenaries, according to statements by Antonio Sequea, Jordan Goudreau, Rayder Russo, alias Pico,” explained Rodríguez, who once again showed evidence of how (there is a contract signed in Colombia on the record with the notary number 3 on June 28, 2019 ), however Duque obviated those data yesterday, he added.

He also mentioning that Yacsy Alvarez (aka Alex), according to Colombian official notary documents, is the legal representative of the mercenary firm Silvercop. Jorge Rodriguez does not understand how, if she works for SilverCorp and Juan Guaido signed a mercenary contract with them, why Colombia is not also accusing Guaido of being Maduro’s infiltrator.

“On 92 occasions, President Maduro has denounced dozens of assassination raids since 2017, and in my case about 47 times, from this scenario we have shown thousands of pieces of evidence: denunciations, arrests (…) but what Duque has done?” Rodríguez responded nothing, “You just turned your gaze,” he said.

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Ivan Duque, Rodríguez said, did nothing “we presented the coordinates for the training camps, we told the Colombian government that assassins were being trained in its territory to perpetrate acts of violence in Venezuela.”

“Because all the protection, the passive nature of protection of these criminals comes directly from the Duque government,” he emphasized.

Minister Rodríguez, in what would be his last address in this capacity, showed — they have done it before — audiovisual material where the mercenaries confess, among them: Cliver Alcalá to a Colombian radio station where he reveals the support of the government of Bogota in the incursion, the head of Silvercop, Jordan Goudreau (a security agent of the president of the United States, Donald Turmp), his participation in the mercenary and assassination contract that was signed in Colombia and of which Juan Guiadó was also cosigner. [He was] betrayed by Jordan Goudreau by claiming that he hired him.

“Antonio Sequea also confessed that they had a direct relationship with intelligence, the Armed Forces and the Colombian Police,” added Rodríguez.

He also said that Sequea was one of the 68 terrorists captured, between May 3 and 6, 2020 for his participation in the armed incursion against Venezuela, “he voluntarily confessed that his two brothers had participated and were logistically responsible for that operation.”

“The level of inefficiency, impudence and imbecility that Iván Duque and his government display, does not stop surprising us”, said Jorge Rodríguez, who recalled the saying “an imbecile is more dangerous than an evil one”, by the writer Arturo Pérez “that’s Duque,” he concluded.

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