Chancellor Arreaza: Colombia’s Duque Betrays Deserting Mercenaries he Previously Protected

The Venezuelan Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza, said this Thursday that with the recent actions of Colombia, where four Venezuelan deserters have been detained, President Iván Duque betrayed the mercenaries he protected after the self-proclamation of the rightist Juan Guaidó.

Earlier, the Colombian media outlet El Tiempo reported on the arrest of four Venezuelan citizens, who had the mission of destabilizing the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

After the arrest of these people, President Iván Duque said that their “operation sought to destabilize Colombia”, and he accused the Venezuelan government “of financing said operation.”

Faced with this situation, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister stressed that Venezuela offered information, for two years to the Colombian government on the location of these terrorists, however, for two years it did not carry out any operations.

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‘What an impudence of Iván Duque. Now it turns out that the mercenary Venezuelan deserters were going to destabilize Colombia. For two years we gave them accurate information on (this) terrorist operation and they never lifted a finger. They protected them. And that’s how they pay those traitors,” Arreaza wrote on his twitter account.

In the same way, he recalled that it was Colombia who was in charge of delivering Clíver Alcalá — accused of drug trafficking — to a plane to extradite him to the United States, however, faced with the arrest of these four people — whose purpose was to attack Venezuela — they request them in the Colombian Justice, as well as the mercenary Jordan Grudeau, owner of the Silvercop mercenary company involved in the military incursion of last May, (Operation Gideon) and whose purpose was to carry out a coup in Venezuela, killing or kidnapping President Nicolas Maduro.

“The Colombian intelligence authorities courteously accompanied their partner (in crime) Cliver Alcalá to the US VIP plane and sent him away with hugs (and handshakes). Today they request him in the justice system, next to the American mercenary Jordan Grudeau. If they were consistent, they should also request Juan Guaidó,” he wrote in another message on twitter.

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Many analysts agreed that the US request for Cliver Alcala after Operation Gideon was unveiled was just another US dirty trick to rescue him from the failed operation he led.

The citizens detained by Colombia are identified as Yacsi Alexandra Álvarez, Rayder Alexander Russo and the brothers Juvenal and José Sequea Torres and presumably participated in the coordination of the so-called Operation Gideon.

“These arrests, three in Bogotá and one in Barranquilla, were achieved based on information from American agencies, such as the FBI and the National Security Agency,” the source said.

It is important to note that the Sequea Torres brothers are former officers of the Venezuelan National Guard, and they were in charge of various safe houses for the military who participated in the failed coup.

The soldiers who participated in Operation Gideon were trained in camps located in the Colombian Guajira, reports El Tiempo.

Featured image: Venezuelan Chancellor, Jorge Arreaza, at the United Nations Security Council holding the UN Charter. File photo.

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